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Makadam/Flis 2-6

Macadam/Chip 2-6

The setting material of the future for paving stones, slabs and slabs!

Macadam/Flis 2-6 is a fine material that is used as a setting layer for both tiles and paving stones. The big advantage of stone chips in particular is that it has a very good draining effect and is completely free of the finest fractions. This means that moisture cannot creep up into the tiles as easily and that water can go down into the ground without being sucked up and staying in the planting bed itself. Stone chips can be used to put both concrete stone and natural stone slabs in. We at Stenbolaget strongly recommend that stone chips are used when laying stone and especially when installing moisture-sensitive natural stone and thinner natural stone slabs and slabs. You will then avoid moisture migration in the tiles and that the moisture and water will not damage the bed and the tiles during the winter's frost.

Stone chippings are used as a bed and constitute a bed thickness of approx. 3 cm in normal ground laying. Together with the bearing layer/rock crusher, the material forms a good foundation for your tiling. Stone chips provide a packed bed that adds stability for tiles and paving stones to rest in. Installation of the tiles should be done with a rubber mallet to get as stable an installation as possible.

With a bed thickness of about 3 cm, 1000 kg is enough for about 20 square meters.

Be careful with your sub work once you put the spade in the ground. This means that you get a stable installation, a nice result and a stone setting that will last for many years to come.

Macadam/Flis 2-6 can also be used as finer gravel and top layer for paths and also as anti-slip protection for driveways, garden paths and entrances during the winter months.

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